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Testimonial Picture of Karla F (1)
Testimonial Picture of Karla F (2)
“I am in the best shape of my life!”

I am in the best shape of my life!
Before we (my husband Jim, below and I) hired Mark at Personalized Fitness I felt sluggish, lacked energy and every day was a struggle to get out of bed. I’ve had body image and self esteem issues for as long as I can remember and struggled with an eating disorder because of it. Mark helped counsel (us) through not only the necessity of regular exercise, good nutrition but also helped me to realize my limiting paradigms that I had believed about myself and how to overcome them so that I could live a life of permanent wellness.

Because I had always dieted to lose weight my metabolism was slower than the normal person. With time and consistently eating clean, healthy, power packed foods along with exercising regularly my body eventually made the transition so the hard worked paid off.

After training with Mark I feel more balanced, empowered and ready to accomplish any goal personally or professionally. His dedication to assuring I attained my health goals on a daily basis and his level of expertise and knowledge about nutrition, weight, supplements and cardio training were superior. He has a solid work ethic, is honest and respected by many

Karla F
Testimonial Picture of Jim F (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jim F (2)
“Jim gained 27lbs of muscle!”

I gained 27 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks! Jim transformed his body in just 12 weeks! Jim and Karla (above) trained together tandem in the gym. At home they kept their focus preparing their meals together for the week as directed! Jim dropped his body fat percentage in 1/2 while gaining 27 pounds of muscle! “I have always had fairly muscular legs because of running but I never imagined that I would ever have an upper body like i have now!
Thank you Mark for believing in us!

Jim F
Testimonial Picture of Molly M. (1)
Testimonial Picture of Molly M. (2)
“8 Weeks Before Miss America”

Molly was a pleasure to work with she was the current Miss Nebraska 2006 with only 8 weeks left before the 2007 Miss America! We went to work hard those last weeks fine tuning her fitness and nutrition program so that Molly would be her best version of herself! It proved to be a great success when she was announced the swimsuit and lifestyle category winner!!

Molly M.
2006 Miss Nebraska and 2007 Miss America's Swimsuit category winner
Testimonial Picture of Ted (1)
Testimonial Picture of Ted (2)
“Transformed In Just 10 Weeks”

I have been a regular at the gym for most of my life dating back to my adolescent years.
My body didn’t respond the trendy programs & diets I was finding in muscle mags.
I knew I was missing something with all the hard work and little to NO results!

I began an extensive search for help, I knew I wanted someone who had years of successful experience, and lived what they preached. I called Personalized Fitness & Nutrition setting an free consultation with the owner Mark Sullivan. Mark sat down and listened intently to my goals, how i was exercising & eating. We then did a complete fitness assessment recording my measurements and body fat percentage. It was an awesome experience, he provided me with nutritional education, workout routines, and cardio tips that I still use today 10 years later!

What I appreciated the most was Mark reviewed my progress every two weeks and re-evaluated my diet the same way he did on day one, making sure the plan was tailored specifically for me. This lead to a transformation I had never seen in my body before. I couldn’t be more appreciative for the tools he armed me with.

Testimonial Picture of Betsy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Betsy (2)
“They Say I Look 10 Years Younger!”

After having 3 kids, I struggled getting my pre-pregnancy body back!
My husband (Doug below) was not supportive in helping me as I attempted to exercise he would not watch the kids nor stop buying junk food and eating it in front of me. He did not have the conviction that I had about looking and feeling my best!
.. for me #1 and #2 my family so that I too could be happy and healthy when our kids were adults and their own kids.

I deeply just wanted to be a good example for my kids. My husband returned from the Dr.’s appointment a few weeks later and learned that not only did he need a hip replaced at 38 years old but was pre-diabetic, has high blood pressure (170/110) and was morbidly obese!

We had let ourselves go for years and enough was enough, but every time we stepped foot into the gym we’d find myself instantly dreading it because we would get bored doing the same exercises over and over, and frustrated trying to figure out what to do next.

We just needed some help not just from our doctor but with how to exercise safely while learning how Doug should eat being a diabetic and obese. Problem was we didn’t know where to find a nutritionist that looked like they “practiced what they preached.”

The personal trainers at my gym were always texting while training their clients and did not seem interested in helping anyone heavy or over 40!

My doctor suggested checking out Personalized Fitness & Nutrition because he had patients who have said that Personalized Fitness & Nutrition exceeded their expectations!

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition provided us a personalized road map for our success!
They provided new workouts and a variety foods and meal plans to chose from to prevent boredom with our workouts and meal plans!! The 3D Body Vision was very motivating and a huge bonus.

My husband visited the doctor recently and what a difference in his blood sugar (He no longer has to take oral insulin and his blood pressure is now (120/80) after losing lost nearly 150 lbs, its like I have my husband of my youth back!!

My blood work was much improved too. All my friends are jealous because I look 10 years younger after losing 70 lbs! I actually weigh less than I did in high school.

I have honestly never felt better in my life.

Thank you Mark & your wonderful team!

Testimonial Picture of Doug (1)
Testimonial Picture of Doug (2)
“I Lost 150 lbs!”

After Years And Years Of Working Hard To Secure My Family’s Financial Future….
Yes I Sacrificed My Heath While Gaining Wealth All To Learn It Was Not Worth It When My Doctor Told Me I Was Going To Die …
Soon If I Did Not Change They Way I Was Living! Obviously I Was Very Depressed Learning I Had To Have My Hip Replaced,
I Had High Blood Pressure And Was Pre-Diabetic!

My wife (Betsy above) was always trying to look and feel her best and I have to say I was not helpful with my attitude and actions. The first thing I did was to ask her to forgive me for not being a better husband and that I would be a better father and husband!

We could not tolerate how we were treated at the gym. I searched the internet for an older trainer who would have lived life and could understand being an entrepreneur, husband and father. This is when I found Mark Sullivan at Personalized Fitness & Nutrition.

We began working on our nutrition right away as I prepared for my hip replacement. As soon as the doctor released me to begin training, Mark was right there with our personalized fitness & nutrition programs. Mark walked us through every step of the way giving us the education we needed which gave us confidence to exercise with Mark less often and eventually just consulting calls and now we are lifetime online members!!

Thank you Mark for helping me get my life back and being a great example of a husband and father.

Testimonial Picture of Andy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Andy (2)
“I Lost 25 lbs and 15% Body Fat in 8 Weeks!”

I knew nothing about eating healthy or working out. I tried several exercise programs but none of them got the job done. I decided to figure it out on my own and I’m very happy I found Personalized Fitness & Nutrition which proved to be really interesting and motivating to visually see what my transformation would l look like before starting the program. (3D Body Vision) Personalized Fitness & Nutrition taught me everything I needed to know about living a healthy lifestyle. I actually feel like an expert myself now.

Testimonial Picture of Maxine (1)
Testimonial Picture of Maxine (2)
“I Lost 90 lbs of Fat While Adding 15 Pounds of Muscle”

I first joined Personalized Fitness in January 2009. In my first six months I lost 60 pounds. Within 8 months, I had lost 75 pounds (actually losing 90 pounds of fat and gaining 15 pounds of muscle which boosted my metabolism like a Rocket! ). I have stayed within a 10 pound range of that figure since (now EIGHT years later). I cannot thank Mark & his staff enough. Before then, I had gone up and down for several years trying some of those pre-packaged food programs, support meetings, and by myself.

This is a commitment. To succeed, you have to be READY….mentally as much as anything. I had decided a few months earlier that I was going to do this and then shopped around. I looked at several options including the above ones again, but KNEW I needed help both with exercising (I had never actually done any weights or machines) and with nutrition. It needed to be the WHOLE package. Personalized Fitness offered me both this and Mark was very supportive. I started with the standard 3 days of group training. I’ll be honest, the first few classes were very discouraging as I learned just really poor shape I was in, but Mark, the trainer at the time, and the other members of this small group were SUPER supportive. Nobody judged as we were all there for the same purpose. Eventually things did become easier and I worked my way into the nutrition aspect as well. I also made myself go whether I wanted to or not. In those six months, I think I missed two classes (out-of-town for one and an appointment made prior to joining that I could not reschedule). I logged my food intake paying close attention to doing my best to get within the acceptable range of calories and nutrient mix (proteins, carbs, & fat % intake). I also religiously met once a month with Mark for new measurements and an official update on my progress. Even if the scale did not move much, it was important my muscle mass increased.

The adjustment to maintaining versus losing was extremely challenging. There were many temptations, but I also felt like people were watching what I chose and ate (especially in the beginning). I tried to maintain a healthy diet and still do for the most part now, but I do eat junk periodically, just in much better moderation than I used to. It was great to continue to have Mark’s support at this time. Yes, I do still work out. It has become a thing I enjoy (well, only kind of on some days!) and a great stress-reliever.

The difference it has made in my life has been amazing. As a heavy person (and a woman in particular) society does judge you by your appearance whether you want to admit it or not. Yes, I did have lower self-esteem and that probably showed too. On a health standpoint, I do feel better and have more energy. I did not have any major health issues to begin with (other than I did discover about the same time I joined that I had hypothyroidism which is still an issue, but is managed medically.) I can DO things now and feel much less winded or exhausted when I do them. Mentally and hopefully physically, I feel I have turned back the clock at least 10, if not 20, years. My outlook and demeanor have dramatically improved. That ALONE is worth every dime I spent. LIFE IS GOOD!

Mark’s approach was perfect for me (and perfect timing). The classes were such that anyone could participate and be challenged also. Being led by certified trainers meant you always had the proper direction. The combination of cardio and strength training was great. We mixed it up every class so you never felt in a routine. There are many group fitness classes out there, but these were the best in my opinion. You do not have to be in your 20s with lots of high impact exercises nor spend time continually lifting MASSIVE amounts of weight. We worked on cardio machines, weight machines, and did body weight exercises. Classes ranged from area-specific training to boxing/kickboxing, to work with weights (in various forms) and balls to boot camp type classes, but there was never a true focus on one aspect so much that you felt bored. Along with the internal motivation, the class approach made you accountable not just to the trainer, but to your own classmates. Classes were small enough we had great interaction and I made several new friends that I still keep in touch with.

If I can give only a short bit of advice it would be……
YOU GET OUT OF IT WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT so work hard and have fun!
To succeed in the long-term, you need to make it a new LIFESTYLE (and one you can continue with for the rest of your life)! If you can do that, the mental and physical rewards will be well worth it! ☺

Thanks again Mark & Personalized Fitness & Nutrition for changing my life!

Testimonial Picture of Sam (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sam (2)
“I lost 40 lbs in 4 months!”

I simply was sick and tired of looking in the mirror seeing what you see as my before photo. I had been married now for 2 years and have gained too much weight! I thought about joining the local gym but had heard horror stories from my friends experiences everything from being bullied, the gym closing after signing a lifetime contract. I am busy with my career and family to take the time to go to the gym, workout then drive home.

I was introduced to Mark Sullivan through my business. I shared with him my desires to become healthier when he suggested his online coaching program, i was skeptical at first until I saw the program which outlined dynamic body weight fitness program and a tasty nutrition program. We talked on the phone weekly for 16 weeks helping me to stay motivated, giving me fresh workouts and meal plans! At the end of the 16 weeks i had the fit body i thought i would never see again.Thank you Mark for teaching me what I needed to do to life a healthy lifestyle!

Testimonial Picture of Zach (1)
Testimonial Picture of Zach (2)
“Melted 20% Body fat off in just 14 weeks!”

I enrolled in Personalized Fitness 90 day transformation challenge with my hockey buddy Dave G. (below) We grew up working out together playing hockey and now that we were in professional careers we obviously moved less and our appetites continued to be huge until we enrolled in the 90 Challenge. We met with Mark weekly in person for our fitness and nutrition consultations. We re-evaluated our plan and adjusted for our personal situations to make sure
we were on the right path for our goal! At the end of our 14 weeks I reduced my body fat from 24% to just 4%!! Thank you Mark for the education, motivation and of course the accountability to make sure we reached our goals!

Testimonial Picture of David (1)
Testimonial Picture of David (2)
“I Dropped my body fat to 2% in just 14 weeks!”

I dropped my body fat to 2% in just 14 weeks!
I enrolled in Personalized Fitness 90 day transformation challenge with my hockey buddy Zach (above)
We grew up working out together playing hockey and now that we were in professional careers we obviously moved less and our appetites continued to be huge until we enrolled in the 90 Challenge. We met with Mark weekly in personfor our fitness and nutrition consultations. We re-evaluated our plan and adjusted for our personal situations to make sure
we were on the right path for our goal! At the end of our 14 weeks I reduced my body fat from 20% to 2%!!
Thank you Mark for the education, motivation and of course the accountability to make sure we reached our goals!

Testimonial Picture of Keith (1)
Testimonial Picture of Keith (2)
“My life has been transformed”

I never want to forget what it feels like to be fat: out of breath, no energy, motivation, joints hurt, difficulty leaning over to pick up my grandchildren, not wanting to leave the house. That’s all behind
me now thanks to Personalized Fitness & Nutrition.

I really liked how the program help me gradually work me into my new lifestyle which I realize now I really needed.
My energy has returned. My expectation was to feel better and I do! What I didn’t expect was how
much energy I have now!

I love to spend time with my grandchildren and now I have the energy to
spend the entire day with them at the zoo without exhausting me. My life has been transformed.

Thank you to the Fitness Experts for giving me a Personalized Fitness & Nutrition

Testimonial Picture of Keli (1)
Testimonial Picture of Keli (2)
“I lost 95 lbs in just 6 months at personalized Fitness & Nutrtion!”

Details coming soon

Testimonial Picture of Chris (1)
Testimonial Picture of Chris (2)
“Chris lost more than 100 lbs!”

Chris had always admired those who competed. He admired the discipline that they had to endure to first build the muscle but then to deny themselves during the cutting season as they prepared for a contest. After achieving this I realized many things about myself while dieting for this contest. First I just wanted to get into shape for the summer so that I would
feel comfortable with my shirt off, just after a few months I accomplished my goal. I wasn’t satisfied with how I looked and wanted to continue even though i had already lost 80 lbs!! The next goal was to get on stage and compete! With perseverance, consistency and encouragement from Mark and my friends and family, I did it!
Thank you again Mark

Testimonial Picture of Heather (1)
Testimonial Picture of Heather (2)
“I lost 50 lbs!”

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition was my sanctuary. It was a great place for me to escape what was going on in my life at the time. I was encouraged, lifted up, praised and heard when I spoke. I chose PFaN because of their reputation in the community, experience, professionalism and character.
I knew I needed a safe place to exercise and PFaN proved to be the perfect place for me. As my self esteem and confidence grew as a side effect.. I lost 50 lbs of unhealthy body fat! I cant thank them enough for helping me find myself again

Testimonial Picture of Gia (1)
Testimonial Picture of Gia (2)
“I transformed my mind and body in just 8 weeks!”

Gia was a bank auditor from Mexico City who was contracted for 12 weeks in Omaha.She decided that she wanted to improve herself mentally and physically while she was away from home. Gia was very excited to transform her life! She said that she wanted to surprise her boyfriend who she has not seen since she left! We agreed no to tell him what her plan was. At the end of the 8 weeks her boyfriend flew into Omaha and came to Personalized Fitness & Nutrition to see her for the first time in 12 weeks. I only wish I had videoed this reunion!

Testimonial Picture of Linda (1)
Testimonial Picture of Linda (2)
“I lost 62 lbs in 4 months”

I can’t thank you enough for the impact you have had on my life. God must have had a hand in directing my eye to your ad in the yellow pages that day back in 1997 when I first decided I needed help in getting my body back in shape.

There is hardly a day that goes by no that someone doesn’t ask me about my success. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others because I want everyone to feel as confident and successful as I feel today! While I am very proud of my accomplishments I’ve made to my body, I’d have to say that I get the most satisfaction from knowing I have the mental toughness and strength of character to set a goal, and then to focus and remain consistent toward the pursuit of that goal. There were times that it was tough. There are times where I still stumble. But I’m learning that this is not about perfection, it’s about consistency. And more times than not, I am consistent! It makes me feel like there is nothing I can’t do!

I have already set a new goal and the neatest part of all is that I have no doubt that I will attain it!! That, Mark, is what I want to thank you for most of all!

See the full testimonial here.

Testimonial Picture of Dennis (1)
Testimonial Picture of Dennis (2)
“Honestly nothing like this program!”

At 47 years old I realized I needed a change in my life! I was un-employed and was not successful in obtaining a job for the previous 4 months. I was so depressed, then I was inspired by my wife Colleen. Colleen always believed in me and encouraged me as I was going through this chapter in life. I began to look into getting in shape myself. Colleen found Personalized Fitness & Nutrition and was exactly what I needed. I needed to make this a lifestyle change not a temporary one. Honestly, there is nothing like this program! So easy to understand, and the recipes were perfect for my lifestyle! I began Exercising and Hiking on a regular bases which soon I began seeing the changes at 6-7 weeks! I am so happy that I listened to my wife Colleen as well with the way I look and feel now! Thank you Mark and
the PFaN team.

Testimonial Picture of Jon (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jon (2)
“I was told I needed to lift weights”

I was told by my football coach in high school that I needed to begin lifting weights if I wanted to play on his team. I met Mark at Personalized Fitness & Nutrition who coached me. I would arrive with a pen and my training journal 1 -2 times a week where Mark coached me with my fitness and nutrition program! Almost immediately I started getting bigger and stronger.
He strongly recommended that I stay away from all drugs including all hormone enhancing supplements at the local nutrition stores which turned out to be great advice! Before leaving high school I was the strongest in my school. I earned a college football scholarship at Peru State College where I also earned the strongest person on my team award!

Testimonial Picture of Sonia (1)
Testimonial Picture of Sonia (2)
“I lost 10 lbs and several inches in just 8 weeks for my wedding!”

I enrolled at Personalized Fitness & Nutrition 8 weeks before my wedding to help me lose and tone before my wedding. I was concerned with reducing my thighs and my waist. I lost 10 lbs and several inches on my waist and thighs! Thank you Mark for helping me for the most important day of my life! What a blessing you are

Testimonial Picture of Amy (1)
Testimonial Picture of Amy (2)
“I lost about 130 lbs at Personalized Fitness & Nutrition”

I enrolled at PFaN after a traumatic and stressful time in my life where I found peace and self esteem as I learned about health,fitness, nutrition and wellness from Mark at PFaN. I was encouraged and motivated with emails, text messages, video’s and phone calls when i struggled with my workouts, meal planning or just feeling like I deserved to look and feel good about myself. I slowly but surly gained strength, endurance and self confidence as I followed the directions that Mark at PFaN gave me. In ~ 8 weeks I started seeing results just as he promised. My advise to anyone who begins with PFaN is to listen closely to what they tell you and just work as hard as you can and by week 8 you will see the fruit of your hard labor!

Testimonial Picture of Corey (1)
Testimonial Picture of Corey (2)
“Corey started at 600+! 6 months later he had lost 240lbs!”

Corey came to PFaN with a childhood friend from church at 29 years old. Corey played football and wrestled in high school. He loved sports and loved to fish. Corey was very embarrassed when he first arrived at PFaN. He was encouraged by a dear friend at church that he has begin working on his health.  She said He is going to die if he doesn’t lose 200 lbs immediately!

Testimonial Picture of Mary (1)
Testimonial Picture of Mary (2)
“Mary beat cancer while training with us!”
Testimonial Picture of Paula (1)
Testimonial Picture of Paula (2)
“Paula fulfilled her dreams!”
Testimonial Picture of Tanya (1)
Testimonial Picture of Tanya (2)
“Tanya achieved these results in 4 months!”

Tanya made this transformation in 4 months!! Her Husband bought her 4 months ONE on ONE Personal Training with me for her 34th Birthday! Both of them win!

Testimonial Picture of Josh (1)
Testimonial Picture of Josh (2)
“Josh achieved these results in 8 weeks!”

Josh is a Professional Basketball Player in Spain from Council Bluffs. in 8 weeks look at the changes Josh made.

Testimonial Picture of Dennis (1)
Testimonial Picture of Dennis (2)
“Dennis added muscle and burned fat!”

Dennis over 55 years old added a muscle to crank up his metabolism and burn that fat.

Testimonial Picture of Scott (1)
Testimonial Picture of Scott (2)
“This is a 12 week transformation!”
Testimonial Picture of Jason (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jason (2)
“Jason Transformed in 12 weeks!”
Testimonial Picture of Kristi (1)
Testimonial Picture of Kristi (2)
“Kristi is fit and fabulous at 50 years old!”
Testimonial Picture of Martin (1)
Testimonial Picture of Martin (2)
“Martin got these results in 6 weeks!”
Testimonial Picture of Jana (1)
Testimonial Picture of Jana (2)
“Jana Lost more than 100 lbs!”

I have always dreamed as a little girl of this body and competing in a figure contest. I spent years and years on fad diets, miracle pills and infomercial exercise programs trying to become healthier and happy again. My friends and family could not believe the transformation I achieved while being coached by my coach/personal trainer Mark Sullivan. Fresh Start Transformation taught me everything I needed to know about how to exercise safely with variety that kept me interested and asking for more as my body changed. They taught me about nutrition, foods to eat what not to eat and why! Mark identified how much protein carbs and fats that needed in each meal! Being able to actually visualize my goal body kept me extremely motivated. With every milestone achieved I trusted if I just put in the work I would get the result. I loved the different workouts and looked forward to my training. The meal plans kept it simple and were easy to follow. So, I decided to take it to another level and compete in my very first Figure Competition, and took 3rd place in the open division. I Love this program and everything it’s helped me accomplish. I know Fresh Start Transformation will forever be my personal trainer, meal planner and motivational tool.

Testimonial Picture of Nate (1)
Testimonial Picture of Nate (2)
“Nate got ripped in 6 weeks!”
Testimonial Picture of Ashley (1)
Testimonial Picture of Ashley (2)
“Ashley won Miss NE in 2007!”
Testimonial Picture of Katie (1)
Testimonial Picture of Katie (2)
“I lost 68 lbs of Fat in a Year!”